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Are we sincerely hungry for a genuine visitation from God? Are we truly willing to persue the Lord regardless of the cost? The music and message of Freddy Hayler help to issue a clarion call for this nation. My friend, we must cry out to God in heartfelt repentance. His ears are waiting to hear out our humble pleas for mercy. His eyes are longing to behold us on bended knee. The only hope for our nation is true Holy Ghost revival. God will do His part; we must be willing to do ours.

- Steve Hill, Pastor/Evangelist
Heartland World Ministries Church

Brother Freddy Hayler - "Without my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the grace of the Lord, the Holy Spirit and my lovely wife of 24 years, the Song of Angels Project would not have been possible." "I thank God Almighty who gave me a heavenly vision Christmas night 1997 which inspired me to do this glorious worship project."

Freddy and Annie Hayler are internationally known "missionary evangelists" who preach a powerful message calling the church to repentance, holiness and reformation with the Lord confirming His Word with divine healings, miracles and signs and wonders . . . the Holy Spirit confirming a true message that is from the heart of God for this late hour.

Thousands have come to salvation and a deeper knowledge of Christ and many have been divinely healed through the manifest supernatural presence of God which attends their unique ministry of prophetic music and the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

A Voice in the Wilderness...

The "Spirit of Elijah" has indeed come in these days to separate the wheat from the tares, the holy from the profane and to prepare a morally unblemished body of Christ for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Their vision is to reach the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and like "a voice crying in the wilderness," call the saints to repentance, consecration and moral purity in urgent preparation for the imminent return of the Messiah. Freddy and Anne pray that as you listen to each message, you will receive a divine impartation from God that will affect an eternal change in your life! Their continual intercession is that the revival fires of heaven fall upon each listener and that such revival flames will be fanned by the Holy Spirit to empower all who would hear to reach all the nations. God wills that you will become a vibrant witness of His hope and salvation so that you as an individual will declare His Glory by laying hands on the sick and teaching and preaching God's Word! But how does one declare His glory when they have not known what His Glory is and when they have not experienced His weighty presence in private worship and prayer? We pray that the Song of Angels' message will give all of you a hunger for more of God's presence, a love for His irresistible Word, and a revelation for His will for your life!


February 04, 2007; Reviewed by Rev Richard Russell; “Never in my 41 years of ministry have I been so moved by any prophetic song like I have with the Song of AngelsŪ CD.  It has brought fresh vision and healing to my soul.  I spent two weeks listening to nothing else but the angels CD I was smashed by God’s love by the very first track and it got better & better.  I was crying the whole fortnight of my vacation and was tremendously blessed and ministered powerfully by the CD.  Since finding this treasure I have been listening to as much of his ministry as I can it so thrills me in Jesus. I can’t get enough of his beautiful ministry song.”Awesome Music,  February 15, 2002;  Reviewer: A Reader; “I have not read the entire book but part of the book consists of the lyrics for the CD that is included.  The CD is absolutely incredible and inspiring.  It’s one that is very hard to get tired of. I’ve given away 2 already and am ordering 2 more for other friends that want one too! Don’t miss this gem.  The artwork in the book is beautiful as well.” &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspExcellent Worship CD, February 24, 2006; Reviewer: Julie Landis (New Jersey); “This CD is excellent. I felt like I was experiencing “Heaven” on earth.  I play it all the time when I am getting dressed in the morning and feel a sense of spiritual worship.”January 10, 2007; Reviewed by Debbie Ard (Fort Worth, TX); “I have never been so greatly impacted by ANY music in my entire life!!! I was truly ushered into real worship and felt as if I was in the presence of Almighty God, at the very throne of God!!! WOW!!! Never before has any music ever been so life changing!” December 03, 2006; Reviewed by Oliya Slobodian (Somerville, New Jersey); “This music sounds like it has come from heaven itself!!!!! It has touched my spirit like no other music I have ever heard.  I can almost see God and His throne and all the angels near Him and all the Glory.  WOW!!!!!! Unbelievable.” November 17, 2006; Reviewed by Kathy W. (Phenix City, AL); “This is our second copy of the CD.  My grandson has been listening to it for four years each night.  He loves to listen to it as he is going to sleep.”

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